The Good And Bad Cycle

The cycle of good and bad
has forgotten to rotate
and stopped at a point,
where only problems originate.

I guess, the key to the toy wheel
might have stopped,
making the possibilities of troubles
to infintely pop.

Who to ask for help?
Who to ask for the remedy?
There’s only one who can resolve,
and that’s The Great Almighty.

He is making us go through
some kind of tests probably,
duration of which is unknown,
moreover, long and weary.

He might be waiting,
for the right time to bestow,
his blessings and some happiness,
and take away our sorrow.

Though things get well
some day or the other,
but the long wait for it,
weakens our soul for ever.



“Hello ,” said the wind chime,
as the cool breeze
entered through the window,
and played with it.

I closed my eyes,
and took a deep breath,
stretching my arms,
to let the breeze hug me.

I enjoyed it’s wave,
as it danced along my hair
allowing some strands
to fall onto my face.

I strolled back the hair
behind my ear,
but it played naughty
and again swirled in the air.

A Month’s Wait

A poem for my mother who is returning tomorrow after a month long vacation

Tomorrow is finally the day,
when I will wish her ‘hey’ ,
No longer can I wait,
to see her enter through the gate.

A whole month at home,
was not easy to stay alone,
but her photos full of fun and grace,
were the reasons of smile on my face.

I will not welcome her
with garland of flowers,
but smiles so broad,
and hugs with lots of love.

I will keep ready,
her favourite food so tasty,
that she will forget the journey’s bends,
and lick her fingers even after the food ends.

I will listen to all her stories long,
of places where she had gone
and tell her my tales sadly,
of the days when I missed her so badly.

The Veil

The Veil once thought to be,
a symbol of simplicity,
had now become just a mask,
hiding the untold stories from past.

The Veil hid the desire,
to live long and aspire,
and come out of monotony,
which filled herself with agony.

The Veil hid the blemishes,
and all the scars,
marked on her face,
once so filled with grace.

The Veil hid the wrinkles,
that often meanders,
kissing her cheeks and lips,
making way for her tears to slip.

The Veil often got soaked,
with tears that rolled,
and the sweat from the forhead,
after the work full of stress.

The Veil often tried to avert,
those atrocities that could hurt,
but failed each time it tried,
being too thin to act as shield.

The Veil heard many times,
the unspoken words of crime,
and her screams and yells,
when the others ignored to help.

The Veil masked her fear,
of the misfortunes that could be near,
thereby increasing her pain,
shattering her again and again.

The Escape

Escaping the cage,
a world she thought which was,
was no easy for her,
as she was unaware of the outside chaos.

The owner never cared,
cuz she was no necessity,
but a mere thing to flaunt,
and showcase his dignity.

He sang in her name,
feigning her his inspiration,
by being devious,
only to satisfy his passion.

But alas ! the poor bird,
on realising the mirage,
understood it was no concern,
and so had to leave the cage.

So the doors opened,
and the bird flied,
in search of peace
and none of fright.

Imaginations Of A Child

As a child,
I had always desired to go into that colourful world,
Through the opening in the trunk of that magical tree,
To enter into a land of beautiful flowers ,
And lovely animals who could talk to me .
Where there were no schools ,
But the trees were laden with tasty fruits ,
Any tiny little different shaped friends,
Who never had any pain .
Amidst the jungle could be a deep well
having some magical spell .
There i would always live merrily
In a house on the top of the banyan tree.